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Posted by OrangeTails - July 10th, 2009

Checklist 2:
[x] Menu storyboard
[-] Extra content
- [x] Original Concepts
- [x] Development docs (This is more... along the way)
- [-] Deleted Scenes (None yet)
[x] Intro
- [x] Music
- [x] Plays out
[-] Sprites
- [-] Kirby
- [-] Zen
- [-] Nimbus
- [-] Meta Knight
- [-] Random Enemies
[-] BG Music
[-] Sounds.

Kirby Arena R: 37.5%

Got the main intro for Kirby R done... Finally.

Posted by OrangeTails - July 9th, 2009

-=-=- Kirby Arena R(evised) -=-=-
Well, since Kirby R is on it's way, finally, (Procrastination?) I've started to create story boards on how the first episode should look and feel like. Their is multiple bonus material that I'm going to add from the previous "Storyboard" since I'm not really happy with the last one, and the fact that it is... Let's just say I didn't play a specific game until then.
[x] Menu storyboard
[-] Extra content
- [x] Original Concepts
- [x] Development docs (This is more... along the way)
- [-] Deleted Scenes (None yet)
[-] Intro
- [x] Music
- [-] Plays out
[-] Sprites
- [-] Kirby
- [-] Zen
- [-] Nimbus
- [-] Meta Knight
- [-] Random Enemies
[-] BG Music
[-] Sounds.

-=-=- Other News beyond his Gave -=-=-
...Well, I have an Xbox, but that's about it.
...I've also been working on another BYOND project with my friends,
but we won't get into that.

-=-=- Final Notes -=-=-
Well, when Inswivnia gets back on,
I shall be able to get the Nimbus sprite sheet again. (New Computer, old computer ... died, sadly.)


Posted by OrangeTails - May 24th, 2009

Thank god.

Posted by OrangeTails - December 16th, 2008

Mainly cause I like to do things myself, like ripping Kirby Music, too.

Anyways, I won't be very "Active" on the Kirby Arena R. It might take some time.

Posted by OrangeTails - October 26th, 2008

-----Finished re-ripping Kirby
-----Finished re-ripping Zen (He has more posses then Flying and Standing now! =D)
-----Finished Secret Character sprites.
-----Finished Overworld Spites (Main Characters)
-----Finished script
-10% done the main menu
-10% Music ripping/collecting done
5% Movie done
0% Sound ripping done
0% Voice Acting (The Intro Text only, VA done by me.)

Insiwnia is working on Nimbus tomorrow, so, not much progress will be made. xD

Posted by OrangeTails - October 25th, 2008

This is a F.A.Q from questions from Reviewers. (No specific order)
1. Make a multiplayer game of this show!
- I don't have that type of experience, so no for now.
2. Is episode 6 (VI) the last of the series?
- No, I am continuing the series into, Season 2. It's renamed "Kirby Arena R to avoid confusion of Season 1.
3. MACK MOAR PLZPLZPLZ!!!111!11111
- Proper spelling and translation please.

Have questions about my movies? Just send a email to Orangetails@hotmail.com or send me a PM

Posted by OrangeTails - October 25th, 2008

==Story== (Spoilers ahoy!)
Well, skipping the introduction, we see a Black shaded "Person", he presses a big button saying "DESTROY POPSTAR", Kracko, the Cloud Guardian, tells Nimbus to rush everyone off Popstar and send them to a different planet. Nimbus rushes to find Kirby, and tells him to take the Warpstar to a different planet, because the internal heart of Popstar is about to explode, Nimbus then rushes off to find Zen, once he finds Zen, he tells him to go to Kirby's place for emergancy leaving. (The Residents of Popstar are warned by Dedede.)

Once Kirby leaves popstar, he looks behind him, as Popstar explodes, he sheds a small tear.

Kirby reaches a strange planet, he signals everyone for landing.
Upon entering the atmosphere, Zen loses his grip and flys off in a different direction, Kirby and Nimbus turn around after Zen to save him. (Tailsz: "Tasting the spoilers? I hope you left room for the Flash Movie. :P") Zen falls into the forst below, crashing into the grass, Nimbus and Kirby land on the ground beside Zen, and they see a body other then Zen. They rush to help him out. (Tailsz: "No more Spoiler sandwhiches for you!")
==Flash Settings==
Probably useless information, but here is the settings of what the flash is suppose to be.
We'll have Overworld view and 2D sidescrolling view. (Think of the "Tales of" series or Summon Night series (GBA ones))
There will be two Secret Characters, they both have similar personalities.
?????: (exact number of Letters in name)
One is shy, and has Amnesia.
He seems to suffer from Amnesia, his personality is still like it was before. He seems to remember a terrible tragidy, that he keeps locked in.
??????: (exact number of Letters in name)
The other one is also shy, and is easily frightened.
This character also seems to suffer amnesia, he doesn't remember a thing about his past, and he's still a small child. He also can use some sort of... Magic to help himself out.

Hoped you enjoyed this rundown of everything here, this is the ONLY PUBLIC Insider of Kirby Arena R episodes. If you want insiders of the next episodes and crap. (Mainly background info, additional storyline, and user interviews. (Just leave your E-mail address, and if you have a question, just send it to "Orangetails@hotmail.com" and i'll make sure to anwser your questions regulary! I'll also post a F.A.Q on Newgrounds if I do get any questions. ^^;)

Posted by OrangeTails - October 24th, 2008

Well, in my previous post, I explained the background of VI.

Now, i'll move onto Part 1 of the story.

It's been three months after the final battle with MetaKnight...
Nimbus, the Flying Clouder, who mysteriously came to Zen's aid in Season 1, left back to his home in the clouds.
Zen, the Be-winged puff ball, who saved Kirby from a devastating attack, stayed with Kirby for awhile, but he left later, after Kirby was fully healed from Bartz's final move, which Zen feels like it was his Fault...
Kirby, the Pink Puff Ball, went back to his house, to find that it was destroyed by the Warpstar, feelng upset, Kirby now lives within the high reaches of Dreamland, in the Clouded skys.
?????, a Shy person. (Secret person!)

Posted by OrangeTails - October 23rd, 2008

You've seen the first season... But have you seen the second?
Kirby Arena started on a low note, and ended on a high one. So, a second season is mandatory!

Tailsz: "D-d-do I have-e-e to make anothe-r-r-r seas-s-o-n-n?"
*DeathTailsz reloads his gun*
Tailsz: "I'll make another one, just don't shoot!!!"
*DeathTailsz reverts his gun back into a scythe then leaves his room*

...Anyways, Kirby Arena R is coming soon to Newgrounds, if you do not like Sprites, DO NOT WATCH IT, DO NOT RATE IT, and please, DEAR GOD, don't review it saying, "ITS PIXELATED IT SUXXORS!!11!!1!!11!" or else!

So, recap from Ep. VI (or 6, if your not brushing up on your Roman Numero's.) Kirby was hurt in the last battle from "Bartz", so, he's forced to sit out, Nimbus was sent to get some Medicine, while he left, MetaKnight slides a letter into Kirby's room, so Zen picks it up, reads it, and places is (Or throws it) onto the Steps, (Poor framerate ftl, but due to the fact that I don't have any previous episodes on this New Comp, I won't be able to incress it.) Zen goes up to the door to open it, then, *WHAM* Zen is thrown outside the window. (Pwnt!) as Met- I mean, Nimbus comes in, then *ZOMG* It was MetaKnight! As he throws the Nimbus disguise out the window, he flys up to the bunk, and attempts to assasinate Kirby, but, Zen comes in flying, later Nimbus comes in and gives Kirby the Herbs. Then the battle begins! Which gives a HUUGGEE Cliffhanger....

That's were R takes place.

ATTENTION, I have cleared out my blog to add more things to it. xD (Especially useless stuff.)