Kirby Arena F.A.Q

2008-10-25 19:22:09 by OrangeTails

This is a F.A.Q from questions from Reviewers. (No specific order)
1. Make a multiplayer game of this show!
- I don't have that type of experience, so no for now.
2. Is episode 6 (VI) the last of the series?
- No, I am continuing the series into, Season 2. It's renamed "Kirby Arena R to avoid confusion of Season 1.
3. MACK MOAR PLZPLZPLZ!!!111!11111
- Proper spelling and translation please.

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2008-11-18 16:45:37

nice, a game of it sounds pretty cool...mack moar? whats that mean lol


2008-11-18 16:49:57

crap nevermind it means make more probobly i just thought about it


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