Kirby Arena R Episode 1 updates!

2008-10-26 02:26:12 by OrangeTails

-----Finished re-ripping Kirby
-----Finished re-ripping Zen (He has more posses then Flying and Standing now! =D)
-----Finished Secret Character sprites.
-----Finished Overworld Spites (Main Characters)
-----Finished script
-10% done the main menu
-10% Music ripping/collecting done
5% Movie done
0% Sound ripping done
0% Voice Acting (The Intro Text only, VA done by me.)

Insiwnia is working on Nimbus tomorrow, so, not much progress will be made. xD


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2008-10-27 18:06:32

We live!

Well, you live.

I've just been making animated Avatars.

You can check my news post for a lazy half hour's work
I wouldn't if I were you.

....I like pie.

Yeah, I fail. Sorry OrangeTails.


2008-11-02 01:23:07

Lies I finished him already. All lies.


2008-11-10 23:01:13

You there are sites for sprites.... if its easier for u...same goes for sounds and music...

i unno