Kirby Arena Revised! (P. 3)

2008-10-25 02:57:07 by OrangeTails

==Story== (Spoilers ahoy!)
Well, skipping the introduction, we see a Black shaded "Person", he presses a big button saying "DESTROY POPSTAR", Kracko, the Cloud Guardian, tells Nimbus to rush everyone off Popstar and send them to a different planet. Nimbus rushes to find Kirby, and tells him to take the Warpstar to a different planet, because the internal heart of Popstar is about to explode, Nimbus then rushes off to find Zen, once he finds Zen, he tells him to go to Kirby's place for emergancy leaving. (The Residents of Popstar are warned by Dedede.)

Once Kirby leaves popstar, he looks behind him, as Popstar explodes, he sheds a small tear.

Kirby reaches a strange planet, he signals everyone for landing.
Upon entering the atmosphere, Zen loses his grip and flys off in a different direction, Kirby and Nimbus turn around after Zen to save him. (Tailsz: "Tasting the spoilers? I hope you left room for the Flash Movie. :P") Zen falls into the forst below, crashing into the grass, Nimbus and Kirby land on the ground beside Zen, and they see a body other then Zen. They rush to help him out. (Tailsz: "No more Spoiler sandwhiches for you!")
==Flash Settings==
Probably useless information, but here is the settings of what the flash is suppose to be.
We'll have Overworld view and 2D sidescrolling view. (Think of the "Tales of" series or Summon Night series (GBA ones))
There will be two Secret Characters, they both have similar personalities.
?????: (exact number of Letters in name)
One is shy, and has Amnesia.
He seems to suffer from Amnesia, his personality is still like it was before. He seems to remember a terrible tragidy, that he keeps locked in.
??????: (exact number of Letters in name)
The other one is also shy, and is easily frightened.
This character also seems to suffer amnesia, he doesn't remember a thing about his past, and he's still a small child. He also can use some sort of... Magic to help himself out.

Hoped you enjoyed this rundown of everything here, this is the ONLY PUBLIC Insider of Kirby Arena R episodes. If you want insiders of the next episodes and crap. (Mainly background info, additional storyline, and user interviews. (Just leave your E-mail address, and if you have a question, just send it to "" and i'll make sure to anwser your questions regulary! I'll also post a F.A.Q on Newgrounds if I do get any questions. ^^;)


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