*Wakes up from Hiatus*

2009-07-09 01:38:59 by OrangeTails

-=-=- Kirby Arena R(evised) -=-=-
Well, since Kirby R is on it's way, finally, (Procrastination?) I've started to create story boards on how the first episode should look and feel like. Their is multiple bonus material that I'm going to add from the previous "Storyboard" since I'm not really happy with the last one, and the fact that it is... Let's just say I didn't play a specific game until then.
[x] Menu storyboard
[-] Extra content
- [x] Original Concepts
- [x] Development docs (This is more... along the way)
- [-] Deleted Scenes (None yet)
[-] Intro
- [x] Music
- [-] Plays out
[-] Sprites
- [-] Kirby
- [-] Zen
- [-] Nimbus
- [-] Meta Knight
- [-] Random Enemies
[-] BG Music
[-] Sounds.

-=-=- Other News beyond his Gave -=-=-
...Well, I have an Xbox, but that's about it.
...I've also been working on another BYOND project with my friends,
but we won't get into that.

-=-=- Final Notes -=-=-
Well, when Inswivnia gets back on,
I shall be able to get the Nimbus sprite sheet again. (New Computer, old computer ... died, sadly.)



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