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Kirby Arena Revised! (Part 1)

2008-10-23 01:36:27 by OrangeTails

You've seen the first season... But have you seen the second?
Kirby Arena started on a low note, and ended on a high one. So, a second season is mandatory!

Tailsz: "D-d-do I have-e-e to make anothe-r-r-r seas-s-o-n-n?"
*DeathTailsz reloads his gun*
Tailsz: "I'll make another one, just don't shoot!!!"
*DeathTailsz reverts his gun back into a scythe then leaves his room*

...Anyways, Kirby Arena R is coming soon to Newgrounds, if you do not like Sprites, DO NOT WATCH IT, DO NOT RATE IT, and please, DEAR GOD, don't review it saying, "ITS PIXELATED IT SUXXORS!!11!!1!!11!" or else!

So, recap from Ep. VI (or 6, if your not brushing up on your Roman Numero's.) Kirby was hurt in the last battle from "Bartz", so, he's forced to sit out, Nimbus was sent to get some Medicine, while he left, MetaKnight slides a letter into Kirby's room, so Zen picks it up, reads it, and places is (Or throws it) onto the Steps, (Poor framerate ftl, but due to the fact that I don't have any previous episodes on this New Comp, I won't be able to incress it.) Zen goes up to the door to open it, then, *WHAM* Zen is thrown outside the window. (Pwnt!) as Met- I mean, Nimbus comes in, then *ZOMG* It was MetaKnight! As he throws the Nimbus disguise out the window, he flys up to the bunk, and attempts to assasinate Kirby, but, Zen comes in flying, later Nimbus comes in and gives Kirby the Herbs. Then the battle begins! Which gives a HUUGGEE Cliffhanger....

That's were R takes place.

ATTENTION, I have cleared out my blog to add more things to it. xD (Especially useless stuff.)


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