Kirby Arena Revised Characters (P. 2)

2008-10-24 23:32:51 by OrangeTails

Well, in my previous post, I explained the background of VI.

Now, i'll move onto Part 1 of the story.

It's been three months after the final battle with MetaKnight...
Nimbus, the Flying Clouder, who mysteriously came to Zen's aid in Season 1, left back to his home in the clouds.
Zen, the Be-winged puff ball, who saved Kirby from a devastating attack, stayed with Kirby for awhile, but he left later, after Kirby was fully healed from Bartz's final move, which Zen feels like it was his Fault...
Kirby, the Pink Puff Ball, went back to his house, to find that it was destroyed by the Warpstar, feelng upset, Kirby now lives within the high reaches of Dreamland, in the Clouded skys.
?????, a Shy person. (Secret person!)


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